Free naked teen pic

Free naked teen pic

Super Soaker - Tiffany, we've heard that peeing isn't the only kind of squirting you do.

Super Soaker – Tiffany, we’ve heard that peeing isn’t the only kind of squirting you do.

“Yes. I recently discovered that I can squirt during sex too. It completely took me by surprise. When it happened, I actually thought I had peed myself. I was super embarrassed, but the guy reassured me that it was really hot. Later on, I looked it up online, and that’s when I realized I had squirted. I’ve done it one other time. I’m learning about it and how I can make it happen more often.”

Where were you when you first squirted?

“I was actually in the storage closet at school. You know…where they keep all the cleaning supplies. I know it doesn’t sound very sexy, but the sex was really hot. We could hear people walking around outside the door as we fucked. Then I squirted and got juice all over the floor. [Laughs] There was a mop right next to me so I grabbed it and cleaned up a little because I was so embarrassed.”

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Confident and Horny – “I used to be really shy and quiet, but I grew more confident as guys started paying more attention to me. Now I feel very comfortable showing off my body and owning my sexuality. I’m bisexual and will hit on a girl just as easily as I would a guy. I love anal and ass play, and one of my favorite memories is when a girl tied me up and fucked me in the ass with a dildo. The old me would be shocked to know the new me does these things, but I think she would secretly be proud, too.”

Tiny Teenie Marissa wears a training bra and sniffs her own panties before she cums

Tiny Teenie Marissa wears a training bra and sniffs her own panties before she cums.

Watch out for Marissa! She may look sweet and unassuming, but she’s coming for your cock! “I basically want to have as much sex as I can,” Marissa told us. “Now that I’m 18, nothing can stop me! I’ve always been super horny, and I’m dying to let my inner slut out. I’m tired of masturbating all the time. I mean, it feels great. But I’m ready to get fucked hard by some big ol’ dicks! I’ve had sex before, but it was kind of disappointing. The guys didn’t know how to work it or how to make me cum. You need to hook me up with some guys who know what they’re doing!” And that we did, but you’ll see more of that later on.

Marissa shaved just for us! “I shaved my pussy for the first time ever just last night! Before that I had a big bush that was just too crazy. I knew that most girls shaved, but it was never too important for me to be bald down there. But since I was gonna be photographed I wanted to be nice and smooth. I have to say, being bald is so much better! Now I know…