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MAXINE ROGUE: YOUNG & THICK Busty amateur blonde babe getting fucked anally

Young Maxine Rogue has exactly what Jack wants. Big tits and ass. A thick, fleshy body. As soon as they arrive at his place, Jack makes his move from behind her and squeezes her boobs. But while Maxine looks very nice, that tank top and bra is impeding progress, so it has to go, along with her shorts and panties. This way, he can bury his face between her beasts and her ass cheeks.

Jack maneuvers Maxine to the couch to suck her nipples and finger her bushy pussy. She holds him by the head while he’s eating her out. One good turn deserves another. Jack stands up so Maxine can take his cock in her mouth and suck it.

Stretched out on the couch, Maxine opens her legs wider, ready for his dick to fill her pussy. The cries and moans she makes tell Jack that he’s doing a good job on this girl. He stops fucking her long enough to slide his dick between her tits and eat her out again. They resume fucking. Maxine gets on top and takes the stiff pole deeper. Her ass-cheeks in his hands, he…